5 Logistics & Operations Hacks To Grow Your Wholesale Business in 2024

The World of F&B logistics, transportation and operations often troubles even the most senior of operations managers. Here are 5 hacks to optimize and streamline your operations. 

The Growth Hacks

1. Utilize Data for Strategic Decision-Making: In today’s data-driven world platforms like Shippeo and FourKites help you to track your fleet in real-time, optimize routes, and predict potential delays. For example, Tesco reduced its carbon footprint by 15% and delivery times by 20% using route optimization software. Two birds with one stone! Hence, leveraging such tools helps you make informed decisions and elevate customer service in the F&B industry. 

2. Ensure Freshness with Temperature Control: Freshness is everything in the F&B industry, so temperature control is a priority numero uno. Thus, our advice is to invest in proper refrigeration units for your trucks and consider temperature-controlled packaging solutions like insulated liners or gel packs. For example, Chobani invested in temperature-controlled trailers and improved their on-time delivery rate to 99.5%. This will enable you to keep your produce fresh for time of delivery and ensure to your customers that you are producing the highest quality products in the F&B industry. 

3. Packing is Key: With the rising costs of transportation, it is important to maximize space and minimize damage with strategic packing techniques. A great tip we learned from industry leaders is to utilize pallet wrappers for stability which helps to ensure the safety of produce. A great example is Costa Coffee which implemented pallet wrapping for their fragile coffee beans, resulting in a 50% reduction in bean breakage and spillage during transit. This not only minimized waste but also ensured consistent flavour and quality for their customers.

4. Build a Network of Trusted Allies: You can't go it alone, so we highly recommend creating strong relationships within the F&B space. We recommend looking for partners who specialize in the F&B space, understand cold chain management, and offer flexible solutions. A great example of this is with HelloFresh who partnered with a tech logistics software company that used real-time tracking and communication tools enabling them to monitor shipments closely, address potential delays proactively, and improve customer transparency.

5. Enabling Technology for Streamlined Operations: From order management software to route optimization, embrace technology to streamline your operations. Tools like Orderit AutoPilot help you increase your efficiency and profit margin by acting as your 24/7 order-taking assistant who accepts orders across all channels, whether your clients send them via email, phone, or Whatsapp, and books them straight into your ERP system (find out more information here). The tool is already saving operation managers more than 30 hours a week of manual data entry and order processing. 

By adopting the five strategic hacks outlined – leveraging data for informed decision-making, maintaining freshness through temperature control, optimizing packaging, building a network of industry allies, and embracing technology for operational efficiency – you can enhance your service standards and profitability. Implementing these strategies will not only streamline your operations but also position your business at the forefront of the F&B industry, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and a competitive edge.

Are there any other tools that your business uses or found helpful in transforming your operations? Please do let us know at [email protected].

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